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XL Pro 22V

XL Pro 22V Labels

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Label Counts:

Roll: 1200 Labels

per roll, approx

Sleeve/Box: 25 Rolls

30,000 labels per sleeve/box

Case: 8 Sleeves/Boxes

240,000 labels per case

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Actual color labels are approximate. * Flo means Fluorescent; these colors are brighter than can be shown online.

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XL PRO 22V – Basics

The XL Pro 22V is a one-line numeric date gun. The labels therefore have a top line that is customizable or preprinted and a bottom line for that is used for marking a time or date. This gun prints eight characters across.

The XL Pro 22V price marking label gun is a basic, easy-to-use price marking gun that has proven to be tough and long-lasting. The XL PRO 22V labels, also referred to as the P2212, are great for clear pricing for indoor and outdoor products. With the standard XL Pro five-year warranty, the 22V is guaranteed to last.

The amazing open loading system of the XL labelers in general prevents loose labels from falling into the insides of the gun, and ensures smooth operations and easy loading and removal of labels. The XL Pro guns also feature print adjustment not found on other guns.

P2212 Labels

The P2212 labels are used in a number of XL Pro pricing guns that belong to the 22 series. They include the 22B, 22C, 22D and 22V. The difference between each gun is the band setup as well as the number of characters that each one prints on the label.

The labels for the XL Pro 22 one-liner series are available in fifteen different colors, as well as various different stock prints, including “FROZEN,” “SELL BY,” and “USE BY.” The top line may also be used for custom print.

Depending on the set up of the gun, these labels can print six, seven or eight digits on a 7/8” x 15/32” label, also known as the P2212.

The P2212 labels are available with or without security slits. The security slits on the P2212 are in the form of an “x” across the label. If not specified, the labels will have slits and general adhesive. The labels are available with removable adhesive, upon request.

Labels come 25 rolls per box. Each roll contains 1,200 labels, and there are eight boxes per case. This means that a case includes a total of 240,000 labels, which are divided into 200 rolls. Boxes may be referred to as sleeves or packages. Rolls are used to refill the actual pricing gun.

Ink rollers for the guns are also replaceable; one is usually included when purchasing a gun and always with a sleeve of labels.

XL Pro guns are plastic and lightweight, perfect for labeling throughout the store.

If necessary, they can usually be repaired while walking through the issues with a customer service representative over the phone.

The XL Pro guns are made in the US and have a five-year warranty.

XL PRO 22V – Band Setup

The standard band set up for the XL Pro 22V has eight bands. The first band is a month band, containing each month, abbreviated – “JAN,” “FEB,” etc. The following two bands both contain the numbers 0-9, a decimal (.), and a slash (/). The next four bands contain smaller digits. The fourth band prints the numbers 1-12, while the following three only have 0-9. The next two bands feature colons (:) after the numbers. The seventh band boasts “AM” and “PM” in place of the double dots (:) for appropriate time marking. The last band only contains “AM” and “PM.