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Monarch 1136 Price Guns

Monarch 1136

Monarch 1136 pricing guns can print 16 characters on two lines, 8 characters on each line. Monarch 1136 pricing guns come in 4 different band configurations that are all extremely different from each other. All 4 models of the Monarch 1136 pricing gun use the same pricemarking labels.

  • Two line pricing gun
  • Prints 8 characters on each line
  • 4 different band configurations
  • 1136-01 The top band features small characters with for/was/each, while the bottom band has larger characters and units of measure
  • 1136-02 Prints months and units of measure on the top band, while the bottom band prints months, years and underlined cents
  • 1136-03 - Prints an alpha numeric top band, with the bottom band featuring regular characters
  • 1136-06 Prints smaller characters on the top band with was/for/off/each. The bottom band features regular sized characters with underlined cents and units of measure.
  • All 1136 models use the same pricemarking labels

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